Milica Milićević (1979) and Milan Bosnic (1969) both MA’s of Departments of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade.
Since 2005 they have been working on joint projects under name diSTRUKTURA.
They live and work in Krčedin, Serbia.
Solo exhibitions
Selected group exibitions
Artist in Residency programs and workshops
Works in collections
Awards and grants
Public lectures and presentations

Solo exhibitions:


  • Octobar, Locus Suspectus, Gallery of Belgrade Youth Center, Belgrade
  • September, We from in betWEen,  Hestia Gallery, Belgrade
  •  May, We are living in a beautiful wOURld – Austria, Contemporary Art Gallery Subotica, Serbia
  •  April, On the road, Zaduzbina Ilije M. Kolarac Gallery, Belgrade

2016   November, We are living in a beautiful wOURld, KunstHalle, Graz, Austria


  • November, Their very landscape is alive, Duplex 100m2 Gallery, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina
  • October, Their very landscape is alive, Gallery of Belgrade Cultural Center, Belgrade
  • July, On the way to the place, (with Selman Trtovac), Gallery Hoehmanhaus, Augsburg, Germany


  • September, Landscape Extended, Vernon Gallery, Prague, Czech
  • June, Practice of Multiple Praxis, (with Selman Trtovac and Stevan Kojic), Toki Art Space, Tokyo, Japan


  • November, Savamala – Psychogeography of suburb in the heart of a city, Magacin in Kraljevica Marka Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • October, We are living in a beautiful woUrld/Generation Lost,Third Belgrade Gallery, Belgrade
  • September, Next Landscape, Gallery Bagnato, Konstanz, Germany
  • September, We are living in a beautiful woUrld/Generation Lost, Academie Graz, Austria
  • June-August, Next Landscape, Eugen Lendl Gallery, Graz, Austria


  • August, Third Nature, Gallery of KiK program, Nijeveen,Netherlands
  • January, Not so far away, Contemporary Art Gallery Pancevo, Serbia


  • December, On Certainty, Third Belgrade Gallery, Belgrade
  • November, Not so far away, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • October, Not so far away, Contemporary Art Gallery Zrenjanin, Serbia
  • September, Not so far away, Artget Gallery, Kultural Center Belgrade
  • June, Third Landscape, Gallery ’73, Belgrade
  • March, Ecosophy of Third Landscape, Art Gallery of Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation, Belgrade


  • June, Introduction to the Third Landscape, Nova Gallery, Belgrade
  • April, Not so far away, Raum fur Kunst und Natur, Bonn, Germany



  • June, Urban Utopia, Gallery ‘Beograd’, Belgrade
  • April, Face to Face, Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • April, Urban Utopia, Plevnik – Kronkowska Gallery, Celje, Slovenia


2008    November, Facing Finland, KulttuuriKauppila, Ii, Finland


  • May, Face to Face, Likovni Salon Celje, Celje, Slovenia
  • March, Significant Other – Joint Venture, Remont Gallery, Belgrade

Selected group exhibitions: 


  • September, From Diaspora to Diversities, Art Gallery of Montenegro “Miodrag Dado Djurić”, Cetinje, Montenegro
  • September, Art Vortex – contemporary Serbian art scene, Gallery DLUL, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • August, Photography as part of artistic process, Magacin in Kraljevića Marka, Belgrade
  • June, The Sarajevo Storage, Nacional Gallery of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Sarajevo
  • May, Art Colony Sicevo-selection from the collection, Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts Nis, Serbia


  • November, Art Factory, Gallery Centar, Center for Contemporary Art of Montenegro, Podgorica
  • October, The New Archive, NN Contemporary Art, Northampton, United Kingdom
  • September, Transience – 38th Aquarelle Colony Ecka, Contemporary Art Gallery Zrenjanin, Serbia
  • January, Dislocation: photo colony in Orlovat, Gallery of Contemporary Art Zrenjanin, Serbia


  • November, From Diaspora to Diversities, Ćifte Amam, Skopje, Macedonia
  • September, From Diaspora to Diversities, Remont Gallery, Belgrade
  • August, Danube Dialogs, Gallery of Vojvodinian Archive, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • June, Red Poppy Fields, Kisfaludy gallery, Vaszary Villa, Balatonfured, Hungary
  • June, Urban Bio-geo-graphy, Fotogalerie im Rathaus, Graz, Austria
  • May, Franz Ferdinand Project, Gallery Duplex 100m2, Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina
  • April, Red Poppy Fields, Galeria Kameralna, Slupsk, Poland
  • March, Red Poppy Fields, Central European House of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • February, Acquisitions 2012-2015, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia


  • December, Red Poppy Fields, Brotfabrik, Vienna, Austria
  • December, Toward a better world II, BelArt Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • December, Subdued Existence, Kunsthalle/Hala Umenia, Kosice, Slovakia
  • October, Red Poppy Fields, Gallery of Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • October, Toward a better world II, Nest Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
  • August, Stätte:Getriebe, Gallery Ziegler SA, Zürich, Switzerland
  • July, Memory of Violence – Dreams of the Future 1914 – 18/2014, Gallery of Contemporary Art Montenegro Miodrag Dado Djuric, Cetinje, Montenegro
  • April, The Subdued Existence, Museum of Contemporary Art RS, Banja Luka, Republik of Srpska
  • April, WonderLab, Museum of Contemporary Arts Vojvodinia, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • April, Franz Ferdinand Project, Grand-Lux, Saint-Etienne, France
  • April, Belgrade Cultural Center Collection, KCB Gallery, Belgrade
  • April, Memory of Violence – Dreams of the Future 1914 -18 / 2014, Kibla, Maribor, Slovenia
  • March, Art Karlruhe 2015, Gallery Bagnato, Karlsruhe, Germany


  • November, Memory of Violence and Dreams of the Future, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodinia, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • September, Reanimation, Student Cultural Center Fabrika, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • June, Culture Escape – Toward a Better World, Magacin in Kraljevica Marka, Belgrade
  • June, distURBANces Month of Photography 2014, International center of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • May, Landscape – from Idyll to Apocalypse, Gallery of Contemporary Art Zrenjanin, Serbia
  • May, Cargo East, National Taiwan Museum of Contemporary Art, Taichung, Republic of China
  • March, Art Karlsruhe, Contemporary Art Fair, Gallery Bagnato, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • January, Culture escape – towards a better world, Nest Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland


  • October, Biennial of Watercolors, National Museum of Zrenjanin, Serbia
  • October, Viennafair, Eugen Lendl Gallery, Vienna, Austria
  • August, Danube Dialogs, BelArt Gallery, Novi sad, Serbia
  • May, Jubille Exhibition, Gallery Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia
  • May, From To, Magacin in Kraljevica Marka Gallery, Belgrade
  • April, distURBANces, European Month of Photography, Museum of Art History, Luxembourg
  • January, Awakening/ Winter salon, Gallery Josip Bepo Benkovic, Herceg Novi, Montenegro


  • November, Deviant Mytologies, Gallery Magacin in Kraljevica Marka, Belgrade
  • November, ULTRA005, My Foreign Affairs vol.1, international art fair, Tokyo, Japan
  • October, distURBANses, European Month of Photography, MUSA, Vienna, Austria
  • October, distURBANses, European Month of Photography, Gallery of French Cultural Center, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • October, Tina B – Art and Happiness, Festival of Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech


  • November, Young Artist Project – Future Lab, Deagu, South Korea
  • November, Sicevo 2011, Gallery SLU, Nis, Serbia
  • July, Census and the art of capturing data, Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton, UK


  • December, Through drawing, Gallery Magacin in Kraljevica Marka, Belgrade
  • November, “Painting 2010 – Still Life” art colony Ecka, Contemporary Art Gallery Zrenjanin, Serbia
  • October, Police the Police, Biennial of Young Artists, Buchurest, Romania
  • October, Bele Noki 2010, Skopje, Macedonia
  • July, Close to Nature, national park „Pöllauer Tal”, Austria
  • May, Okolje Consulting Art Collection, Galerija Sodobne Umetnosti, Celje, Slovenia
  • May, SerbiArt, Magacin in kraljevica Marka, Belgrade


  • December, Inauguration exhibition at Gallery Nova, Belgrade
  • August, Belgrade Non-Places, Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade
  • March, Photonic Moments IV, Magacin in Kraljevica Marka, Belgrade
  • February, Telenor Collection of contemporary Serbian art, Cultural Center, Vrsac, Serbia
  • January, Telenor Collection of contemporary Serbian art, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi sad, Serbia


  • October, Photonic Moments IV, Mala Galerija, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • September, Hotel Mariakape: a portrait by Katie Jane, Hoorn, Netherlands
  • July-August, Sistem Binario – BELEF ‘08, Belgrade
  • May, Micro Narratives, Museum of Modern Art Saint Etienne, France


  • December, Urban Mythologies, Sales Gallery Beograd, Belgrade
  • December, Belgrade Beauty, New Moment Ideas Gallery, Belgrade
  • November, Break festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • October, 48th Oktobarski Salon, Belgrade
  • October, Equal Opportunities, C2C Gallery, Prague
  • September, Steirischer Herbst 2007- next code: love, Graz, Austria
  • September, Equal Opportunities, Gallery Stanica, Zilina, Slovakia
  • August, Equal Opportunities, Gallery Open, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • June, Private Space-Public Space, Magacin in Kraljevica Marka, Belgrade
  • May, Nobody wants to be nobody, project in public space, Graz Austria
  • April, ViennAfair 2007, New Moment Gallery, Vienna, Austria


  • November, inauguration of the international workshop, Atelier of Alexandria, Aleksandria,Egypt
  • April, Step Out, Gallery O3ONE, Belgrade
  • April, ViennAfair 2006, Gallery Zvono, Vienna, Austria
  • January, ORTung 2005, Galerie 5020, Salzburg, Austria

Artist in Residency programs and workshops:

2018    Art Colony Vlasina, Cultural center Leskovac, Serbia


  • Risk Change art residency, Kibla, Maribor, Slovenia
  • AiR Program Hestia Gallery, Barcelona/Madrid, Spain
  • Aquarelle colony Ečka, Ečka, Serbia

2016    Photo colony “Dislocation 2016”, Orlovat, Serbia


  • AiR Welcome in der Friedensstadt, Augsburg, Germany
  • AiR Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva, Switzerland

2014/15  Workshop Franc Ferdinand Project, Sarajevo, Belgrade, St Etienne

2012  AiR KIK, Nijeveen, Netherlands

2011  Art colony “Sicevo 2011”, Sicevo, Serbia


  • Art colony “Painting 2010 – Still Life”, Ecka, Serbia
  • Art Symposium, “Close to Nature”, Styrian Summer Art Festival, Pollau, Austria


  • AiR, KultuuriKauppila, Ii, Finland
  • AiR, Rondo Studio, Graz, Austria

2007  AiR, Zavod Celea Celje, Slovenia

2006  Atelier of Alexandria Workshop 2006, Alexandria, Egypt

2005  Symposium in Strobl am Wolfgangsee “ORTung 2005”, Austria

Works in collections:

  • H2 Center for Contemporary Art Augsburg
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina
  • Belgrade Cultural Center Collection
  • Belgrade City Museum
  • Serbian Academy of Science and Art
  • Telenor Collection
  • Okolje Consulting Art Collection
  • Wiener Stadtische bank Collection
  • and many private collections

Awards and grants:

2015   Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, New York, USA

2013  Winter salon Award, Josip Bepo Benkovic Gallery, Herceg Novi, Montenegro


  • Fall salon award for painting, Kultural Centar Sombor, Serbia
  • Step beyond Mobility Grant, European Cultural Foundation, Netherlands

2009  Step beyond Mobility Grant, European Cultural Foundation

2007  Cultural Sponsoring Grant, KulturKontakt, Vienna, Austria

2001 – 2003 Ministry of Education Grant ( Milan Bosnic)

2001  Great Award of Faculty “Risto and Beta Vukanovic” (Milan Bosnic)

2001  Grant of the Kingdom of Norway (Milan Bosnic)

2001  Award “Talent” (Milan Bosnic)

1998  Award for drawing of City Belgrade fund (Milan Bosnic)

1997  Award for painting “Petar Lubarda” (Milan Bosnic)

2000 – 2003 Serbian Unity Congress Grant (Milica Milicevic)

2002  Grant of the Kingdom of Norway (Milica Milicevic)

1999-2005 Ministry of Education Scholarship (Milica Milicevic)

Public lectures and presentations:

2018   June 7th, diSTRUKTURA – Conversation with an artist, Contemporary Art Gallery Subotica,Serbia

2016   December 13th, diSTRUKTURA Joint Venture book promotion, Goethe Institute Belgrade

2016   November 21st, diSTRUKTURA Joint Venture book promotion, Photon Gallery, Ljubljana

2016   November 18th, Workshop “Migration, Escape, Asylum and Integration in Austria”, University of Graz, Graz, Austria

2015   November, three public lectures/guided

2015   October 15th, Symposium Red Poppy Fields, Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2015   July 23rd, Conference Ost-West-Dialog, Fugger-Welser Museum, Augsburg, Germany

2015  April 23rd, Conference “memories in cities”  at 15H Gran Lux, St Etienne, France

2014  November 20th, Memory of Violence Dreams of the Future 1914-18/2014, Osmica Gallery, Belgrade

2014  June 30th, diSTRUKTURA and Contemporary Art Scene in Serbia, Toki Art Space, Tokyo, Japan

2012  November 21st, Guided tour through distURBANces, MUSA, Vienna, Austria

2011  August, Ecosophy of Third Landscape, International Summer Academy, Ohrid, Macedonia

2009  December 24th, Art Today, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia


  • December 14th, Culture House Valve, Oulu City Art Museum, Oulu, Finland
  • December 10th, Liminka Art School, Liminka, Finland
  • November 27th, Master lecture day for professional artists and art teachers, KulttuuriKauppila, Ii, Finland
  • November 20th, Oulu University of Applied Sciences / School of Music, Dance and Media, Oulu, Finland

2007   March 25th, Artist in residence presentation day, Zavod Celea, Celje, Slovenia

2006   November 21st, Artists presentations, Atelier of Alexandria International Workshop, Alexandria, Egypt