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Subject of this work is a study of Savamala urban landscape, referring to concept of urban wondering and similar inventive strategies related to explorations of towns such as psychogeography. This strategy which resembles a game, collects just about anything that takes pedestrian off his predictable paths and jolts them into a new awareness of the urban landscape, presenting a modern town as a place for investigation. By renouncing our usual motifs for movement and action, relations, work and leisure activities, we are going to let ourselves be drawn by the attractions of the surroundings and coincidental encounters with passer-bys whose directions and recommendations will create our path. The outcome of this creative research will be establishing of streams, flows, paths of Savamala which are not determined by its architecture but by emotions and memories of its inhabitants. This could lead to a new design of urban space promising better opportunities for experimenting through mundane expression.




`Providers` video is a bipartite piece that consists of two mutually reliant sections with synchronous projection. A female entity is shown in fetus stile position while at the same time the male entity is rotated in 180 degree while standing on his hands- holding the earth. His effort to preserve balance is interrupted when he falls down causing her to wake up from her sleep.
This archetype connection between a male and a female has been well described in this statement by Constantin Brankusi:

Exhibition view, Celje, Slovenia, 2007Exhibition view, Celje, Slovenia, 2007

“Eva is above because her role is to renew life. She’s graceful and innocent. She symbolizes fertility, a bud before bursting into flower. Adam, beneath her, tills the soil. He sweats and exerts himself.”