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Face to Face

The cycle of photographs Face to Face literally replicates romanticized topography of the spectator who is directly confronted with the sublime and amazing scenes of a post-industrial landscape and is, in fact, an example of a new Social and Mental Ecology. It is a work in progress project that we intent to carry out in every place we visit. In such way motives of landscapes and cities all over the world, became object of our isolated contemplation inviting the observer to join that contemplation.


We are living in a beautiful wourld

“We are living in a beautiful wourld” (spelled incorrectly) is work in progress project initiated by deep personal comprehension of social and political conditions in our country. In search of a better life people are leaving Serbia and we became aware that we were losing friends progressively. We decided to make photographs of these young people for memento image collective of their uncertain destinations. Every time someone decides to go in a foreign country to look for a better life, we are called to witness the moment of their final verdict.


We are living in a beautiful wourld - Graz

This is a part of Generation Lost, a project initiated by Academie Graz and kunst ost, which was carried out in Graz from 10.09 to 26.10.2013. Our work here focuses on the issues of brain-drain and human capital. We tackled these issues in our conversations with several Serbian artists who now live and work in Graz. They guide you through the city while sharing their experience and discussing the difficulties, advantages and possibilities that arise in a new environment.


Here and There

Here and There is an artistic intervention which occupies both public and gallery space and is linked with wireless internet connection.

For the purpose of the fourth edition of the Young Artists’ Biennial Bucharest 2010 as well as for Non-Places exhibition in Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art in 2009, we  realized the idea of video surveillance in public space outside of the exhibition space, while the footage is played live in the main exhibition space of the exhibition using wireless internet connection.